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DevOps Day_01

DevOps is a practice/culture/process of continuously delivering a software product quickly. Improves the application delivery by ensuring proper automation and reducing manual intervention.

Before DevOps, the development and operations teams worked in a completely segregated way. Testing and deployment were different activities done separately after design-build. Hence, they required more time. Using traditional IT practices, team members spent large amounts of their time in testing, deploying and designing, instead of building the project. Manually deploying the code leads to human errors in production. Different teams have different timelines. This leads to problems in synchronizing timelines, causing more delays in deployment.

  • Usually, any software follows SDLC for software development where first the requirements are gathered from the customer and then analyze, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain

  • So this software development is done in various releases/builds. After developing the customer requirements (software product) it has to be delivered from the production server( i.e development environment /server where the code is available) to the end user.

  • This deployment is done by DevOps engineers continuously without any issues faster with code quality .